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Welcome to

Smash Technology

Our Company provides B2B Fintech solutions to customers throughout Europe and to a wider, global audience as well.


Based in Kiev, Smash Technology sits at the heart of Europe’s technology hub. We develop software solutions for the Fintech industry, customizing tools and products to give our clients the added edge they need to succeed.

Our professional team is made up of experts in:

  • R&D,
  • Marketing,
  • Development,
  • Business,

with a range of talents that let them connect with our clients and help them make fruitful decisions that will push their businesses to new heights.


Leader in the Fintech

As a leader in the Fintech and B2B services industry, we have been experiencing extensive growth and expect to continue building a large, dedicated team.


We stand ready to take on the task of developing solutions to help customers with all types of Fintech challenges.


related to:

  • business intelligence,
  • cryptocurrencies and blockchain,
  • affiliate lead management,
  • onboarding and client area development

As well as marketing-related opportunities such as creating landing pages tools and other marketing collateral systems, marketing campaign management (MCM) solutions and content management systems (CMS).


It is our job and our passion to stay up to date on the trends and activities in Fintech and B2B services.

Our team works tirelessly to analyse changes in our industry and understand what they mean to our clients.

If it is happening in the business world, across marketing or the blockchain, in social media or content, in banking or back office and business intelligence, we are on it.

It is this wide scope that lets us do what we do it and help our clients reach the success they determined to reach.  

Affiliate management

Back office systems

Business intelligence

Client area systems

What We Do


We develop a range of tools and solutions to help Fintech companies reach success. Our ever-expanding specialties include:

Content management

Landing page and marketing collaterals

Marketing campaign
management tools

Onboarding turnkey

Our creative, skilled and hardworking team

is made up of professionals from several key areas.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Automation
  • Back-end development
  • Content management systems
  • Dev ops
  • Finance management
  • Front-end development
  • Marketing management
  • QA
  • UI/UX Creative
  • Web design

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We would like to talk to you about your Fintech, B2B, development, or marketing challenges.