As a software house, Smash Technology is much more; We not only develop software and their respected solutions for our clients but also make products and accessibilities for the Fintech industry as well as the B2B services industry.


Our state of the art products and customized tools revolve around the business mindset, client-based interface and marketing campaigns and solutions that give our users the kick they need for their business. Our impressive range of tools and solutions that help Fintech companies reach success.


Our ever-expanding specialties include:

Affiliate management

Back office systems

Business intelligence

Client area systems

Content management

Landing page and marketing collaterals

Marketing campaign
management tools

Onboarding turnkey

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Web design

Your company website is an exact representation and the face of your brand and how you want the world to see you as it represents you to all potential clients, competitors and business investors and much more. Smash takes that responsibility very seriously and does its best to represent you as a brand in the most impressive way possible, which automatically attracts more clients and creates a stable brand image.